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There are proven methods to not only survive, but to thrive through life's contests. The Way of Conflict and Worst Enemy, Best Teacher integrates a wealth of conflict resolution techniques found throughout the world's cultural traditions with brain research, management science and systems theory findings. The contained philosophy teaches individuals how to creatively and confidently engage a dispute until the participants develop a win/win solution.

The Way of Conflict offers a framework that explains how conflict works and how we can work through it. It employs the four natural elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) as a binding cross-cultural metaphor and provides self-assessment tests to identify innate conflict skills and difficulties. With summaries, descriptive graphics and illustrative folk tales, The Way of Conflict allows leaders to quickly assess their "team," be it an organization, family or community, determine its needs and develop an appropriate resolution strategy.

Worst Enemy, Best Teacher provides practical skills to not only cope with pesky adversaries, but to use their presence to improve ourselves. We learn how to turn conflict into opportunity and troublesome opponents into valuable teachers. Identify your opponent type, the sticking points that hold you back and simple techniques to move beyond a dispute and those people who drive you crazy.

To learn more, go to or visit Deidre's blog for weekly conflict management techniques.  Order Way of Conflict or Worst Enemy, Best Teacher