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Way of Conflict Philosophy

Science and multicultural wisdom believes that for every problem there exists a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved. In other words, in any conflict everyone can win. It may take time, some times more than our lifetimes, to find these innovative solutions to tough issues. However, the solution is out there and we can each do our part to inch toward resolution. To find the creative answers, we must work together to understand and incorporate one another’s unique perspectives and needs.

Thankfully, across the world’s cultural traditions there are common skills, practices and truths that can support us in finding these promised solutions. Deidre Combs’ research spans the study of comparative religion, mediation and systems theory, martial arts and other historical “warrior” philosophies and recent brain research. As described in The Way of Conflict, this methodology proposes multi-cultural ways to safely and respectfully engage in resolving difficult situations. By combining beliefs common across these disciplines, this philosophy explores how to:

  • Overcome key dangers that keep us from resolution
  • Work with conflict's unique four phase lifecycle
  • Recognize and improve our elemental conflict styles, and
  • Keep moving toward resolution

Disagreement can thus become an open invitation to find a better solution, to expand personal perspectives and to enhance group effectiveness. The intent of the Way of Conflict philosophy is to empower each of us to accept conflict’s invitation, work toward lasting resolutions and improve our organizations, our relationships and ourselves.